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Whether you're a pro bull rider or an urban cowgirl kicking it up in a downtown club, no western ensemble is complete without the classic Western Belt.

Men: Make it a classic Star Concho Brown Leather Belt by Nocona Boots ($75.00) or go high end with the Polo Ralph Lauren RRL Mens Leather Western Longhorn Vintage Distressed Belt ($349). Either way, you've got your jeans cinched perfectly with cowboy style and an air of revelry.

Ladies: Leave ho-hum at the curb. When you walk through that door, you want to be noticed. Got the Western slouch boots and a pair or Joe's Jeans (or jean shorts)? Add a Western Belt to go down in history. Make it a Snap on Western Cowgirl Rhinestone Leather Belt ($37.88), or go nuts with a black-hair cowhide leather belt with turquoise and silver studs and a silver buckle: the BB Simon Turquoise Western Silver Stud Belt L Black Hair ($142.99). You wear it well.  

Western Belts

Western BeltsBy Eddie Tobey

No western attire would be complete without a western belt with an authentic looking belt buckle. It definitely gives a feeling of "the Old West" as seen in the movies. Western design belts go back as far as the beginning of the last century. Western belts are made in western American influenced designs...

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Western Belts

What's New in Western Wear

Western Belts | What's New in Western WearBy Steve Dolan

Because of its rising popularity, western wear has begun to expand into a whole range of useful accessories. Now you can make your western wear practical as well as stylish, or else just liven up an every day outfit with a western accessory or two.

Western Wear Accessories

So, what are some of the most popular western wear accessories? Well, with almost everyone carrying a mobile phone nowadays, it's a great idea to have a western cell phone case. The last thing you need when you're in your western gear is a very modern mobile phone attached to your belt. With a western mobile phone case, you can still have your cell phone handy without ruining the country and western effect.

For most women, carrying a handbag is basically a necessity. However a stylish black leather bag that cost a bundle is unlikely to match your western wear. The good news is that western wear handbags are available in a wide range of styles and colors, so it's easy to find one to match your favorite country and western outfit. When you're heading out in your western gear, grab your matching handbag so that you can go in style.

There are also western wear accessories for men. It's been possible to buy western belts for...

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Women's Western Fashion Mistake - Adding Too Much Pink

By Lisa Anthony

Western Belts | Women's Western Fashion Mistake - Too Much PinkPink western wear has become increasingly popular. With that popularity comes new western wear excitement, but at the same time, many fashion blunders. As with any new fashion craze, things can be taken too far and create fashion disaster. Colors like pink and purple used in moderation can say "I'm western, but I am a lady and I am proud of it!"

There are some definite do's and don'ts of using pink in your cowgirl clothing wardrobe. Here are some examples:

  • Pink Jeans, Pink Boots, and a Pink Hat. Too much! Especially if they are different shades of pink. All this says "I'm a little too giddy and immature".
  • Pink Shirt, Hat and Belt. Once again, too much and you will look like an ice cream cone.
  • Pink Boots and Jeans, and a Purple Hat. Wow, give it up or face laughter in the streets!

I have actually seen these fashion blunders in action. I've witnessed them in person, and sometimes in bad magazine advertising.

Try these combinations instead for the perfect touch of...

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